FEMIFACTOR.com is Nigeria’s first influencer markerting and digital marketing blog (being the niche and what standard it out). Femifactor.com focuses on Influencer marketing, Fun, technology, Entertainment and Travels.

 With a monthly reach of Over 6,000,000 Nigerians within the age range of 18-25, via our social media platforms and blog, Femifactor.com targets the youths and educates them on digital marketing while entertaining them.

Hi, my name is Olorunfemi Coker, also known as FemiFactor, @femifactor and I am a digital marketing strategist, social media expert, and a Social media influencer.  Thats the boring side of me. I have a band, I love humor, Dogs and Adventure.

I am a Graduate of Covenant University, where I studied Management Information Systems, as we all know, the Social media is also an Information system, Social Media Information System (SMIS). I obtained my second Bachelors Degree from Shobhit University, India, where i studied Information technology.

 I have had over 8 years experience in social media, counting from when i took it more personal (lol). I started off freelancing on social media management projects for startups and NGOs, including religious institutions, before i took it to another level. In my 8 years journey from 2008, I have been able to develop myself as a top notch social media influencer and also help brands and individuals in Nigeria, UK, Canada, USA, get it right with this thing called social media.

In the quest of helping out brands with social media, Digital marketing couldn’t just be ruled out, I had to develop myself in the following Digital marketing fields: Online Public relations, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Online ads and retargeting, Reports and Analytics, Influencer marketing and Online reputation management.

In the Beginning

Focusing on Social media as far back as 2008 in Nigeria was like gambling with your future (that is how my friends and parents kind of saw it though). I knew there was more to it than just posting random stuff online for friends to comment and abuse themselves on..  so i devoted 80% of my time daily trying to figure out what this new world hitting Nigeria like a wildfire was. It took me 4 years after before i could finally crack the puzzle behind social media and find where i belong in it…..

Well back to the present world… Digital marketing and social media has opened up huge opportunities for me.  In fact, over the last three years all my business has come directly to me, or been referred to me, because of my reputation, or the work I have done with clients.  If you want to use digital marketing, social media and influencer marketing to open up opportunities for your business too then call me or email me to have a chat.



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