So I am reviewing the MBK C97357 mechanical watch, it is a $500 watch and it is worth every cent of it.


The  MBK C97357 is a mechanical watch with a sleek design strap. The strap may be a little tedious to to wear, as you have to refer to the manual for guidance lol.


The weight is excellent and not heavy on the wrist. It is an excellent watch that can be worn to casual dressing and professional dressing as well.

What i like about  the MBK C97357:

  • It is not too common, yet classy
  • the stainless steel body gives you the assurance that the watch would never fade
  • it is a mechanical watch, so no need to be changing batteries
  • it is sleek and the weight is just right for its sleekness
  • it is just within $500, unlike many other mechanical watches.

MBK C97357 is a good buy for watch lovers and people who love unique items. you can cop one here


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