2018 is going to be the year with the most massive growth for cryptocurrencies so far so good and it is not too late for you to venture into it… this blog post would talk on different ways people can get cryptocurrencies.

  1. Buying on exchange platforms
  2. Mining: using computer power to help verify transactions inorder to get rewarded with transaction fees inform of coins
  3. Staking: running the blockchain for dividends.. 
  4. Rewards

I only deal with number 2.. which is buying on exchange platforms..

I use exchange platforms like bittrex.com and binance.com ( i recommend binance)

First of all, i fund my luno wallet which is a wallet you can use to buy bitcoins or ethereum with a naira card..

Secondly i send the bitcoin or ethereum to my wallet in the exchange platform (it could take minutes to reflect, bitcoin could take hours to reflect) .

Thirdly.. once my bitcoin or ethereum reflect, i use it to buy units of the coins i desire.

You can always mail me for me info: me{@}femifactor.com

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