Hello guys, this post we would be discussing altcoins. Yesterday I posted a random tweet advising young budding people to save their pizza money and buy altcoins, then the question came up from people interested, What are ALTCOINS.


well, Altcoins are bitcoin alternatives, basically other cryptocurrencies that emerged after bitcoin to either improve it, grow like it or overtake it. Currently, on coinmarketcap, there are 1259 recognized cryptocurrencies (altcoins), bitcoin making it 1260. Some of the reputable altcoins have risen reasonably over the years and some are expected to rise into hundreds or thousands of dollars, the way the bitcoin rose and is still rising.

Warning, not all altcoins should one buy, trade or hodl, one must carry out research on each coin one wants to hodl(keep, it is not a typo). Some of these altcoins actually have promising projects behind them that encourage one hodling them.

A few reputable altcoins are:







(and much more, so so much more)

Ethereum, for example, was being sold for $2.89/coin, August 7, 2015, now it is dancing around $300. imagine if you saved $10 pizza money and bought 3 coins in 2015, you would have $1000 from a $10 investment by now.

Litecoin is another example, April 28, 2013, it was being sold for $4.30 and today which is 4years after, it is being sold for $55/ coin.


Well if you feel bitcoins are too expensive now and you have missed out on the wave of digital currency millionaires,  the next wave is alternative coins that are budding and rising.

stay tuned for more cryptocurrency insights. (bitcoin donations are welcomed 🙂 )




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