So I  have been seeing Nigerians asking a lot of questions on The Billion Coin. most times when conversations on cryptocurrencies and bitcoin ( the most valuable cryptocurrency) come up, i tend to hear Nigerians mention The Billion Coin and how much they have invested in it, plus how much they are expecting from it.

Now, this takes us to our post: Is the Billion coin a scam or not? is it worthless?

well at the moment, it is a scam and it is worthless ( i said at the moment because a real coin could come up with the same name tomorrow).

Why is The Billion Coin a scam/worthless?

any coin not being traded against the bitcoin/ethereum or Dollars/Pounds has no value. There has to be a regulating currency determining the value and every cryptocurrency that are legitimate have their value in the above currencies. The Billion Coin, on the other hand, is not being traded against any currency or listed on any cryptocurrency exchange market (not even coinexchange) making its value a myth.

Another Reason  Why The Billion Coin Is Worthless/A Scam:

all legitimate cryptocurrencies, even the kobocoin (which is legitimate) are listed on the on the cryptocurrency market capitalization  ( showing their value, their history, and all exchange markets that they are being traded on. If you cant find the coin on this site, you shouldn’t bother considering it. (even coins on this market that are legitimate could still crash or stay bullish forever).

So the big question is who determines the billion coin’s value? what is it being traded against? how come the only references to it are majorly found from Nigerian sites? What can you do with it apart from view it?

stay tuned for more cryptocurrency insights. (bitcoin donations are welcomed 🙂 )




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