So here is how to stay relevant on Social media.. The truth is, there would always be a point where your audience gets too familiar with your content and your relevance drops. Many people rather revamp the content or increase the audience (The latter being way more stressful ).

To stay relevant on social media , you must always remember why people are on social media and why they are following you.

  1. Have a content strategy: this is hard for many accounts that stumbled on social media and went viral in no time (without a strategy).. They tend to later on feel a decline in their engagement and impressions as they had no plan in place for consistency. With a strategy on what,how,when and where to post, you would have a structure in place and it wouldn’t be hard keeping up with relevance.
  2. Topical Issues: you should always engage your audience with topical issues, trending topics or things that are of concern at that particular moment.
  3. Consistency: no days off…  relevance is a full time job and if you are not consistent, it can fade away.
  4. Too much Ads: if you post majorly about products and services of your brand or other people’s brands, you would lose the engagement of your audience and when you have something relevant to say, they would quickly skip it, or the algorithms of facebook and instagram might downplay your post, thinking it is as irrelevant as the others.
  5. Value: does your content provide value? does it help out in anyway? even if its random stuff, does it entertain?



on a lowkey : you have to be relevant too 🙂 ( dont feed your audience with stale or unverified info, build a loyal audience that looks out for your content)

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