This is the end of Groove music as Microsoft pulls the plug on it this week and has put in place plans to migrate everyone to spotify (the biggest music streaming platform in the world).

Well they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. That is the case here, Microsoft had no chance dragging with spotify.

According to Windows experience blog; The Groove Music app will offer to migrate collection and playlists through an update, starting with a preview version this week and more broadly on October 9th.

Groove Music Pass subscribers will have the option of migrating to Spotify until “at least” January 31st. And if you paid for Music Pass beyond December, you’ll get a refund for the amount of time you didn’t get to play. The Groove app will continue to work with downloaded purchases and other locally stored music.

Now we can boldly say the music streaming race is between Spotify and Apple ( Spotify supporting more platforms, while apple music is supporting more regions and countries)

Lets see who wins the race, but for now, RIP Groove Music

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