Yes you read it right! Your brand’s not hot!

Your brand or the brand you work for/ manage is not hot if it makes the following mistakes. I have seen many brands make communication mistakes that cant be forgiven. We would focus this post on the digital communications aspect and be as short as possible ( consult for more).

If your brand is doing the following, then it is not hot!

1. If your brand only pushes out information about your brand

(Who has time to be reading just about what you do daily????)

2. If it tries so hard to manage it’s reputation by itself

My friend, your brand needs influencers, it needs customers that have been loyal to the brand, it also needs communication strategies that would push the image of the company

3. If it constantly uses hashtags: i would write a post on this soon, but hashtags nowadays are less engaging to the audience, posts with no hashtags do better (twitter most especially). (Keywords and phrases can also trend and be measured)

4. If it doesn’t monitor what people say about it or her competitors/products.. you have to have eyes on the ground and everywhere lol. Use tools like mentions and google alerts to keep up to date with keywords and key phrases affecting your brand and the people behind the brand.

5. If your brand doesn’t read this post or ask for more insight, mon ami, it is not hot

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