Last we heard, the highly anticipated anniversary iPhone 8 is still on track for a September announcement and a very limited November-December initial release. That hopeful report was quickly followed up by reputable industry insider tips that production of the Apple crown jewel has indeed started, meaning part leaks are inbound as well!

Enter the first couple of live shots of what is said to be a complete iPhone 8 display assembly. It’s hard to make out and not attached anything, so no confirmation is possible on either the alleged OLED technology of the panel or its almost edge-to-edge design and irregular shape around the earpiece.

What does mostly check out with previous rumors and leaks, however, is the number of cutouts around the earpiece. Apparently, the two identically sized ones on the left are for the new Apple iris scanner and so is the bigger one on the right. The last hole, of course, being for the FaceTime camera. Now, there is the small matter on the second long cutout above the earpiece, which we have seen in previous leaks, but appears to be missing from the photos. At least, we can’t spot it, so make what you will of that.

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