Actress Christabel Ekeh has revealed that she recently dropped her own n*de pics online because she was the victim of blackmail and wanted to get control of her own n*dity and not have it used as a weapon against her.

Ekeh spoke to Abeiku Santana Monday and debuted this new rationale for her actions.

According to the actress, her n*de pics were in the hands of someone who has been threatening to release them for a while, which has been bothering her because she was always living in fear.

Therefore, dropping the n*de pics herself was a way of seizing control over the situation to show her n*dity is her pride and not her shame.

“I would like everyone to know that in as much as its looks shameful or whatever, my n*dity is something that I’ve come to learn its my pride and not my shame,” Ekeh told Abeiku.

“I had a group of people who have been threatening to release my nudity that I sent to someone in private,” she added.

“This thing has been something that has been boggling me for a while – hanging around my head in everything that I do.”

Ekeh also strongly refuted reports that she’s mentally unstable by saying she’s of sound mind, but agreed with Abeiku that she probably needed to stay away from social media for a while.

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