A US-based Nigerian hairstylist has called out Bobrisky for not paying for her services despite the challenges faced in plaiting his short hair.

The stylist took to Snapchat to share pictures of herself handling his hair, saying Bobrisky wasted her time and also refused to pay for products used, claiming the male Barbie wanted them for free in exchange for promotion.

‘I had to take his hair off and the glue used for his frontal looked like something that had been there for six months. His scalp was dirty. His head and ears are disgusting,’ the hairstylist said.

‘I took his hair hair off and I was just disgusted taking off the rat’s nest on his head. His hair is short.

‘After taking out the braids, he said he wanted to wash his hair for 20 mins but comes back 3 hours later.

‘His hair is still dirty and the glue was all over and my brother had to eventually go and buy alcohol from the closet store.

‘Keep in mind that I bought alcohol, the hair and beads that that man put on his head and he never paid me back for any of those things.’

She went on, ‘After I slaved on his scalp trying to remove the glue, I start braiding and his dandruff made the braids look shitty.

‘Words can’t explain how dirty his scalp was. He was screaming while I was trying to even braid his hair, saying it’s hurting him.’

The hairstylist went on to talk about his looks, saying, ‘He doesn’t look the same in person. It’s not as white as his pictures, his skin is even and red all over.

‘His beard is protruding and it looks like he tried to shave over and over and it’s bloody, bumpy. I spent six hours because doing his hair is like doing the hair of a child.’

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