Samsung’s taking its time with releasing a smartphone with two cameras on its back, but it’s happening – it’s pretty much guaranteed that the upcoming Galaxy Note8 will have a dual camera, and a couple of other models down the ranks might beat the Note to it. One is the Galaxy J7 (2017), or rather the Chinese version of it, while the other is the Galaxy C10. It is the latter that’s supposedly the star in a couple of live images that have now surfaced.

The Galaxy C10 got a few renders done at the end of May, and the real-life version appears very much identical to that. We’re talking a matte aluminum back in line with the established C-series aesthetic, only with two cameras instead of one, arranged vertically. Unlike the China-bound J7 (2017), the flash on the C10 is placed to the side of the camera modules.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note8 will, by all accounts, have its two cameras side by side in a bump shared with the flash, heart rate and fingerprint sensors.

Naturally, a couple of images out of context on Twitter reveal no specifics as to the camera parameters. Much less launch date.

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