The Samsung Note 7 Fan Edition (FE)

The Samsung Note 7 has been reincarnated and this time with a safer 3200mAh battery, (smaller than the previous which was 3500mAh). It was built from the refurbished parts of the samsung note 7 

What is New in the Note 7 Fan Edition


The Note 7 fan edition which is meant for true Samsung Fans, has the new samsung bixby in it but no dedicated button.


The Note 7 fan edition has a Snapdragon 821 processor which is better than the 820 in the Note 7. The snpadragon 821 has its high performance clocked at 2.4Ghz while the 820 clocks 2.15Ghz.


Just like the S8 and S8+ the note 7 FAN EDITION (FE), has no samsung logo beneath the earpiece and has a ‘Galaxy Note FE’ written at the back.


The price of the samsung note 7 fan edition would be around $820-840 on

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