Bounce rates bounce rates, thats the big name given to how people that run away from your website is measured. Some people wont even spend a minute on this your so called website or blog, and there are many things responsible for these bounce rates.

  1. 1.your content is wack
  2. You arent providing what you offered you audience to click on
  3. Too many pop ups
  4. Hosting issues allowing the site to timeout
  5. Broken links
  6. Slow website/ landing page

Now lets focus on the slow website and landing page

Your landing page which i call your first point of contact, if slow, can drive away your traffic.. seriously you are not the only site in the world. Some people would even forget they opened you in one of their numerous tabs (i know you are guilty of this).

So here comes the big question: HOW DO I SPEED UP MY BLOG’S LANDING PAGE

First check how your landing page is doing with google’s page speed insight

  1. Minify your javascripts,  this is the process of removing every unnecessary code in your javascript without affecting its functionality.
  2. use Content delivery networks to deliver pictures and compress pictures on your site, you could try out cloudflare
  3. Make use of browser caching, there are plugins that can help your browser cache some part of your landing page and reduce the time it takes for your site to load
  4. Use page speed tools by google  to automatically optimize your landing page (but it is not easy to use for the average web administrator as it requires you installing some modules into your web server (apache and nginx)
  5. Limit the number of ads you display per page and stick to one ad network as a browser trying to load a site’s ads could reduce the speed of the landing page being displayed.
  6. Use a dedicated server of Virtual private server. Sometimes you could have 1-5 in place and your landing page would still be slow because your are on a shared server where 5 or 6 people are sharing  a 1GB ram  on a core i5  server. A dedicated server is better as the spec of the server advertised to you would be utilized by you alone , delivering better resources for your database and response to every visitor communicating with the website.

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