Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix, has said that men who complain about women that like money are broke.

According to him in an interview with Punch, he advised men that end their relationship with ladies who love money only to see that as motivation to work for more money, so as to get their perfect match.

‘It is what it is. I am tired of hearing men complain that women like money. I believe everybody likes money and it is only broke guys that complain about such.

‘As a matter of fact, that should even serve as a motivation for the man to make more money; it is that simple.’

He added that no one would respect you if you do not have money as you would not be able to meet up with your responsibilities.

‘Even though everything is not about money but no one would respect you if you don’t have money. Without money, you wouldn’t be able to carry out your responsibilities.

‘When a father does not have money to pay his children’s school fees, the children wouldn’t be happy with him. That’s the logic.’

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