But he’s still not telling y’all what he does to earn the money.

flamboyant Nigerian, Ray HushPuppi, took time out earlier today to show people his ‘journey’ from rock bottom to Gucci and red bottoms.

1. No shortcuts, I kept on putting in work

2. Didn’t speak ill of the rich

3. They didn’t believe they would be great so never expected another to be

4. Now I see you all begging for a glass to snap


5. Now everyone carrying even gym bags

6. He claims to have made Louboutin popular among y’all who were it now

7. And started using iPhones well before y’all

8. But in every throwback story, there’s always the mishits you can’t believe you posted

9. Keyboard fall on all of you

10. Before the jet life, was the Mac Donald’s life

11. After all said and done:

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