Creating Remarkable Content

Content is very critical and remarkable content in particular. A content is remarkable when people want to share it , and also come back for more. Capturing the attention of your audience is your main aim when developing good and remarkable content. Many create content but not all create good content.

First step to take is : Have a content plan, create a content storage process. It has been proven that content development over time helps broaden your good content skill, alongside with when you have a plan or approach.

It takes time to build a content plan but it definitely pays off at the end. Every content is defined by its format (pictures,videos,text, audio,infographics,polls,slides, factsheet), purpose and topic

Content Creation Process

There are four processes when it comes to content creation and each have to be completed before moving on to the next process.

The four processes of content creation are:

  1. Planning
  2. Creation
  3. Distribution
  4. Analytics

When creating good content, you must consider your audience and have a board where you profile this audience (not by assumptions but by carrying out your research on the audience that fits into what you provide). No matter how rich a content is, if it doesn’t reach out to its audience, it can not be termed as good content.

How to identify topics that matter for your content:
  1. do a keyword research
  2. look up your social media trends
  3. relevant and key industry news
  4. frequently asked questions on competitor’s sales and support pages
  5. problems faced by your profiled/researched audience
  6. interests of your profiled/researched audience

Tips for Content Creation

  1. Remarkable content must always be about your audience, so they can easily connect with it
  2. Always consider the value you would deliver (would you make people laugh? educate them? keep them guessing? )
  3. Always research your competitors and know the content strategy that works for them
  4. Your content has to always be unique.
  5. Kill them with your killer headline ( i dont mean you should murder them o abeg.)


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