Hi influencers, instigators, opinion benders and the likes that use social media to spark thoughts in people and create leads or reactions ( no hi to PR guys). The following tips are for every influencer. 

These tips for influencers would help you stay relevant always, and be impactful.  I am going to keep the tips short, but precise.

10 Tips for Social Media Influencers.

  1. Never stop growing your audience
  2. Have a content calendar 
  3. Be spontaneous to create relevant content for relevant trends
  4. Let your content go viral organically (if you are going to promote youe content, do so, but dont use robots, fake accounts or buy likes.
  5. Dont be ambiguous with your post content ( your audience must understand what you say)
  6. Evolve, your audience would get bored if you give them the same style of content over and over
  7. Relate with your followers (reply their replies)
  8. Never forget your goal on social media
  9. Know when to take a stand and when to be a moderator
  10. Dont take on two brands that do the same thing as their respective campaigns.
  11. (Measure your daily and monthly impressions/engagement  per post and see what works for you)

These tips for influencers would help you in many ways, i hope you try it out..the 11th is a jara 👊😜.

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