Permit me to call that Small/medium scale business of yours ‘little’… I was just trying to play with words (little business, big map), you get? please don’t say the joke is dry lol. So i was in Abeokuta sometimes last year and I had electrical issues at our family house. Mind you, I had no idea on who to call around that area as I am Lagos based (when in the country). I decided to do a little google search for ‘electricians in abeokuta’  and the search results gave me  contact details of the electrician who helped out with the electrical problem. He made money by offering a solution to my problem, i found him because he positioned himself well.

I know the title says google map, but on the second thought i would add a few suggestions too.

Now to the business of this post. How do you get your business on the google map? it is quite simple if you use ‘Google my business’.  Google My Business gets you in front of your customers. You’ll stand out, whether people are looking for you on Google Search or Maps just like the way it helped me out with the electrician. For example , if you have an eatery and you add it to Google my business, with the location and working hours plus contact details, when people search for eateries around them, it would list you and provide all the necessary information they need to locate you.

Take a look at the screenshot below, this is a clear example of google my business at work, as i used it to search for Dominos pizza nearby. You can see all the information it is offering at my finger tips just for me to get there.


Advantages of Google my business

  • It increases brand visibility
  • provides the right information for your leads and customers to reach you
  • it gives google insights on how leads search, try to call or locate your brand
  • it provides analytics on views and also tells you what is working and locations people try to reach you from the most.
  • it allows you to update your company information on the go (even if you relocate)


Placing your brand and utilizing the advantages of Google My business is very very easy to use, but as usual, knowledge is power. What you dont know,can not be utilzed properly by you. There are very easy steps to using google my business.

  1. Signup on
  2. fill in all the required information as asked
  3. there would be a verification process, to verify you own the business, so a verification code would be posted to the address you signed up the business with. it took me an average of 2.5 weeks most times, to get the code.
  4. once you get the code posted via mail, verify your business and you would have access to insights and tweaking your business information .

I hope this little article helps out.. many Nigerian businesses need to be seen and I hope this helps place many of them on the right path.

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