This is not just  a catchy headline. . It is really dooms day for blackberry,  including the bb10 phones.  Last week i had to ditch my blackberry passport special edition as the market value crashed by 50% (black friday came very early)  .

First i wasnt bothered when whatsapp announced it would stop suporting blackberry os10 and below by 31st of December. .  I felt it wont affect me since blackberry 10 can run the android version of whatsapp with its jelly bean android runtime.

I ported my whatsapp from the blackberry version to the android version on my blackberry.  But the whatsapp for androidon blackberry isn’t smooth .  You cant send media files,  it would keep showing retry.  You can only receive media files.

Secondly,  the whatsapp for android on blackberry 10 is very laggy,  its slow and easily crashes. Notifications too dont get arranged the hub. . It just compiles it as one notification.

The blackberry 10 still has hope if you don’t mind receiving only media and not sending. .  And if you dont mind a laggy whatsapp.

Sadly if you own a bold 6 and below,  please get rid of it if you are a major whatsapp user.

If you plan on ditching your blackberry phone,  do so before the end of the year.  So it wont be sold at the least scrap valuePicture credit: crackberry

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