Comparing these two flagship phones of infinix was inevitable, I had to compare their :

  1. App opening Speed
  2.  sound quality
  3. Screen resolution
  4. Size
  5. Camera quality

App opening speed: this was remarkably a draw between the infinix Hot S and Infinix Note 3, both had the same speed for opening apps. I had the ram cleared and used them to open the same apps at the same time and they opened at the same time.  They both have the same RAM though and both have octa-core processors.

Screen Resolution: the infinix hot S fit into the Infinix Note 3’s screen, just to show you how big the screen of the infinix note 3 is, but the infinix Note 3 still had a sharper Resolution and pixel density than the infinix hot S.

Sound quality : the infinix note 3 has a single speaker while the infinix  hot S has stereo speakers,  one would think the infinix hot s would beat the single speaker of the Infinix Note 3,  but that aint the case.  The sound quality of the bass,  treble and vocals came out better with a clearer quality on the infinix note 3 than the hot s,  even when i played the same song on both phones.

Size: the infinix hot S practically fits into the screen of the note 3 as it a 5inch+ phone while the note 3 is a 6 inch phone.  Obviously, the infinix note 3 weighs more than the hot S and can not be easily handled with one hand,  compared to the Hot S.  The infinix hot s is also slimmer and has a firmer grip than the infinix note 3 due to the width.

Camera quality : both have great cameras but the infinix note 3 had sharper pictures while the Hot S had more saturated pictures.  Taking selfies with both phones was totally different as the front facing flashlight of the Infinix Note 3 gave it a upperhand,  compared to the infinix hot S.
My verdict: it balls down to what you want in a phone,  i would go for the note 3 because of its size and because it has a led indicator,  aka notification light.. .

If you are looking for a lifestyle phone, go for the Hot S..  If you are looking for productivity,  go for the Note 3


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