Facebook has evolved once again, this time it has evolved its Marketplace group feature to a full classified ad feature in its mobile app. This is a sure game changer for facebook as facebookers would be able to check listings of goods and services in their city or location they choose and interact with the sellers to conduct business. I personally feel the facebook marketplace would be a major threat to the likes of Jiji, Kijiji, Olx, Efritin and other classified ad sites because facebook would make it not just a classified ad feature, but fuse it with social media. This is a whole new ball game to classified ads, when social networking meets buying and selling.


You can use Marketplace to list what you have and what you want to the public. Beyond its use for classified listings, you can use Marketplace to get a sense of everything available or desired within your city or networks.
Your listings in Marketplace can be anything—books and DVDs you don’t need anymore, the dream job you are looking to land, or the special requirements it takes just to be your roommate—but one thing remains the same; you have something to offer, and someone else is probably looking for that thing. eg For Sale: Cute Samoyed Dog (Facebook policies might not allow pet sales though)

You can create a listing for basically anything, and you can easily track your connections to other people in Marketplace. This means that the next time you want to buy something, you can ask a mutual friend of the seller if she is the type to scratch CDs or let the cat have free reign over the sofa bed. As always, you have complete control over your privacy and the privacy of your listings

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