Well its  a month thst i have been using the infinix note 3 and i just had to let everyone know what i feel,  incase you are considering buying one.

1. The #InfinixNote3 has a 4500mAh battery that charges fully in 90mins
2. The #InfinixNote3 has a screen recording feature…  Awesome for recording what is displaying on your screen,  with sound.. Eg snapchat
3. The #InfinixNote3 has a battery life of 12hrs,  maximum usage,  3G, bluetooth on and brightness on the middle level
4. The #InfinixNote3’s gps is not all that good as navigating with Google maps and requesting uber rides can be glitchy
5. The #InfinixNote3 has little bloatware apps,  and hasnt hung at any usage time (been using it for a month)
6. Its quite big,  so it get bulky in the pocket.. Not easy to operate with one hand( only if you put on the one hand feature)
7. The #InfinixNote3 has ultrapowersaving functionality that would allow one use it for 35hrs at 69% battery life
8. Snapchat on the #InfinixNote3’s front facing camera pixelated lesser than the samsung note 5, when watched on an iphone 6
9. The 13 mega pixel back camera of the #InfinixNote3 is quite crystal.. Though pictures appeared better on screen with higher resolution
10. The fingerprint scanner of the #InfinixNote3 works even when damp.. Csn be used for gestures like picking up calls and scrolling pics

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