Instagram keeps evolving daily,  like its big sister facebook,  it has evolved to match up with her through in app capability of sponsoring posts.  Prior to this,  one could only sponsor posts via facebook power editor and business.facebook…
Like the way facebook is engineered,  instagram only provides this in app post promotion for accounts that are linked to facebook pages,  showing they arent personal accounts but business pages.

If you take a look at mine,  you would see a contact button,  the type of page i have (public figure) . And from my own backend i have access to the insights and analaytics of my posts.

Take a look at how the instagram promote button works (remember its only available for business pages)

It is quite straightforward and easy to use aslong as you understand your audience and have the funds lol.

Lets see you get started with the instagram promotions and lets see how it helps your business out

Written by: Femifactor

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