Took me a while to write this piece on the infinix note 3, which is the new flagship of the infinix note series. Unboxing it was quite straightforward since i knew what to expect in the box,  but to my surprise,  infinix threw in a free screen protector.

Now here is to my first impression…  After unboxing,  i was sceptic the infinix note 3 would be too big to join my everyday carry list as it was bigger than my samsung note 5 ( my samsung note 5 could literally fit into the infinix note 3’s screen).  I was also sceptic about how long it would take to fully charge but it has been doing a great job charging withing 1 hour 30 minutes,  for a 4500 mAh battery.  On first usage,  the finger print worked so fine when setting it uo,  and even superb to use.  I tried using the fingerprint while my finger was wet and it still read it perfectly.  With the screen brightness at 50% and the wifi on,  i used the infinix note 3 for a 12hours from 100% to 20% which is quite outstanding for android phones.

I also tried the flashlight,  to my surprise it had two levels of brightness which made it outstanding,  it can compete with the likes of the blackberry passport and samsung note 5.

As a music geek,  i tried out the speakers with one of Mr Eazi’s songs and Funbi’s Halleluyah…. But the speaker quality was no match for the blackberry passport,  it rather gave a better quality than my samsung note 5. But the speaker which is at the right bottom could easily sound distorted when holding the phone.

Throughout my first usage,  i experienced no hanging,  no excessive blotwares running in the background and the XOS running on it is pretty concerned with the battery life of the phone. . It kept signaling on apps that could d cause rapid battery drain and also has the high performance,  power saver and ultra power modes for users to toggle through.

The down volume rocker on the right hand was easily missed and confused with the power button due to little space between them,  but i guess with time,  one would get used to it.

As for the build,  it is quite sleek and a beat of metal wrapping round the glass screen.

My first impression of the infinix note 3: its a beautiful phablet with a lot of battery life,  ready for one’s daily smartphone usage


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