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Let me just go straight to the point by saying facebook ads bring more results, as i can boldly say from tons of campaigns i have ran. Incase your question is  “how in God’s name are facebook ads better than google ads” just keep reading and you would see my reason.
Google ads : search engine ads, display network ads, youtube ads. The beauty about google ads is that while your campaign is still on, you would be in the buzz with all the impressions you are gathering and clicks you are receiving on your website plus the vast targeting metrics and a large number of display networks.

Facebook on the other hand, when you have a page and  you are promoting the page apart from your posts across facebook,the audience network and instagram.. there is a retainer plan as these people can like the page or follow on instagram and they keep seeing what you post as long as they come on facebook.

For a brand that is running an awareness campaign, facebook works better in the area of letting people know and retaining them to see more about the brand on the brand’s pages.. but a campaign that has to do with positioning yourself where your customers are looking for you, Google ads will work better,  starting with the Search engine ads when you use key phrases.

A retainer campaign on google might be a little complex as it would entail using pixels on your site to remarket the audience’s interaction with your site back to them.. for example, if you go on konga on jumia and check out a product, becauses of the pixels on these sites, the products you checked and did not carry out a final action on, would keep popping up almost every site that runs ads. That’s a clear example of remarketing.

Verdicts: Awareness and Retainership -Facebook

Brand positioning : Google

( with facebook, you have lesser chances of bots clicking your ad and eating your money, as the person must have a Facebook profile..)

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