I am sure everyone would be interested in this post.. Instagram at the moment is a lifestyle social media app displaying a short visual aspect of the personality you want people to see (thats my own definition of instagram lol)

Now the sweet thing about instagram is, people get to see who you are and how good you are at what you do. Lets take an example of a Fashion designer, Instagram works well with showing the audience what he or she does, success stories of her clients, how it fits , his/her services.. it also allows other people to discover his or her catalogue and even make orders or inquiries right there.

Now putting up posts aint the problem with most people on instagram.. getting discovered is the main problem.
How do you get discovered on Instagram

  1. Inciting your audience to take an action like tagging others, reposting ..
  2. Commenting on prospective clients pages
  3. Liking other posts of users relating yours
  4. Using hashtags relating with your brand
  5. Following prospective customers
  6. Following the followers of your competitors

Now all these can be tedious , but if done well by you, you can generate over 5000 leads from instagram alone within 2 months.

To get started, you must be able to draw the following:

  1. People with lots of followers that have your audience
  2. Hashtags relating to your brand and their audience
  3. Your competition’s profiles too.

When you have mapped all this out, you are good to go.

Now back to our example of a fashion designer.

If the fashion designer makes wedding gowns and all, then the target should be bellanaijaweddings, #weddingsng, and be ready to follow their followers and even followers of photographers known for pre wedding shoots.. a lot of research would be needed but it pays at the end of the day, because you are taking your content directly to the audience that is in need of it.

This whole process may look a bit tedious but it can also be automated with $10 monthly, via the use of instagress. Instagress helps you to autocomment the comments you tell it to on posts of hashtags you target , follow anyone using hashtags relating to yours, follow the followers of your competition and like posts relating to all this.

Give all this a go and let me know your take on it… i would be sharing soon how to run instagram ads via facebook.

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