Hi guys, it was a very busy week last week, i had wanted to post this all along to give my verdict on who would win this war between Instagram and Snapchat, lol.

Instagram stories which launched on the 2nd of august shook the social media world, as Instagram came out to jack Snapchat’s unique story feature of 10 seconds which expire once its 24 hours.
The truth is this is not the first time instagram would hijack another social media platform’s swag. See a list of platforms they have tried to bully and how

Tumblr- Instagram made picture posting more social and mobile oriented

Vine- instagram introduced 15 seconds videos then to beat vine’s 6 seconds videos

Twitter- instagram introduced 1 minute videos to override twitter’s 30 second vids, now twitter has increased theirs to 140 seconds.

Snapchat: introduction of stories and memories.

You see this aint the first time instagram would play dirty, lol.

My verdict on Instagram Vs Snapchat

  1. Brands
  2. Privacy
  3. Features
  4. Quality
  5. Verdict

Brands:  from the perspective of brands, corprate individuals, instagram stories would fit in more perfectly as their already retained followership would be able to see another perspective of the brand, right on instagram which most brands already have more followers on and they can still continue with their content for instagram… snapchat was built more on privacy and private messaging, so it limits how brands can enjoy it, when everything you post expires in 24 hours.. with Instagram stories, everybrand would be able to post both sneak peeks of 24 hours and still be able to put up their normal posts that,would be there forever.

Privacy: for privacy i would give this to snapchat, snapchat still has setting that make sure only people you add as friends back can see your stories, then extra settings to customize who sees your stories. But instagram on the other hand, once one is following you,the person can see the story and you have to start selecting which particular follower doesnt get to see your stories (not so good when you have tons of followers ). This wont affect brands as brands want visibility.

Features: instagram has the upper hand here as apart from stories, it still has other niches like 1 minute video uploads, picture uploads, mentioning and tagging,  commenting.. snapchat on the other hand has filters, video calling and audio calling which aint a regular used feature by most users.

Quality of videos: remarkably, instagram gives

you what your camera shot while snpachat especially with android users, gives you what it feels should be uploaded lol. Instagram doesnt compress the videos to lose qualitt while snapchat does so and even leave green lines on stories of people with poor cameras. This isnt too good for snapchat.
Before my verdict, instagram is available on BB10 devices giving more leverage than snpachat which locked their app to only full android and ios devices.

My Verdict: Instagram stories would work better for brands, now they can jump on the story feature without migrating their followers to a new platform for that.. while if you still love posting very private stories, snapchat would work better for you

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