Coming up with a social media strategy is one area many social media enthusiasts and managers ask me about.. Femi awfar, is there a template for social media strategies. My answer is always no, which is the truth. A social media strategy is  always defined by the social media campaign but i can tell you for sure, the following should be included in your social media strategy
Writing A Social Media Strategy

  1. Aim
  2. Objectives
  3. Strategy (the idea)
  4. Your audience
  5. Platforms they are on
  6. Campaign timeline
  7. Cost

Post social media strategy would include you doing the following:

  1. Measure Results
  2. Report

Aim: you have to tell us what this social media campaign is meant to achieve and the benefitts to the brand . You could chip in the campaign vision before  the aim too but make sure you are clear with the aim. Dont use bug grammar just bbecause you want to sound technical.

Objectives: here is when you start getting specific about your campaign goals, putting measurable goals there that you would deliver through the strategy you have in mind. Remember they must be realistic, dont say what you cant do just to impress your boss or client  it would surely backfire.

Strategy: here you state the idea that would bring about the success of this realistic objectives, you could also put up a model which would represent the strategy you want to use… an example of a model strategy for a new platform could be:

  1. Inform
  2. Educate
  3. Market
  4. Re-market
  5. Start from the top

Audience: you have to be clear about the audience the campaign is targeting , basically their demographics and psychographics have to be stated…it would help guide on where to reach them and the content you are going to push out to them

Platforms : here you specify the various social media platforms this audience are on and the number of people that can be reached per platform, our of your total target audience. If you are targeting professionals, linkedin should be your first thought, inaamuch as linkedin ads are more expensive than facebook. It would give you a better means of reach than other social media platforms.

Campaign timeline: you also have to draw up a timeline in an excel calender sheet format, showing what happens accross each of these platforms, through out the whole campaign period. It could first be stated weekly, then broken down into each week day.

Cost: this is very key, you have to include what the campaign would cost you, including content, management tools, internet subscription, cost of ads per platform,give aways (if applicable), workmanship (if applicable). Terms of payment are also key.
Quite straight to the point right? Yes ???

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