This post is dedicated to brands trying to reach out to influencers…i was speaking with a friend that owns a footwear line and i was telling him how key influencers are to his brand’s success.. especially fashion influencers.. first thing he mentioned was he had tried one popular Nigerian fashion influencer and blogger and the conversions were poorer than a church rat.

When i checked out the whole campaign… it wasnt the influencer that failed but the brand would be wondering why? .. truth is the brand’s products were too expensive for the audience of that influencer. Meaning the product had reach and engagement stopped at “How much” lol.

Now back to the post. I wouldnt draw out a list of influencers and their strength, but would give every brand a map to locating her influencers.

The following factors are key in engaging influencers.

  1. Topic share of voice/expertise/influence
  2. Gender
  3. Class
  4. Location
  5. Audience’s category ( judging by those who comment, reply, share or retweet)
  6. Interests
  7. Lifestyle

Identifying all this is you doing your mini demographics and pyschographics. Now lets break down each topic

  1. Topic share of Voice/expertise/ strenght: this is very key… only engage influencers that have a strong influence relating to what you say…ask around for recommended influencers and use klout or go through their social media accounts and blogs to see if their topic share or expertise fits into your campaign. Imagine a brand trying to promote a soccer tournament in Nigeria.. influencers that talk about sports  or have expertise in sports or even known as a sportsman or woman would drive the campaign better than someone  who talks about fashion. Trust me, if the sportsman has 30,0000 followers and the fashionista has 80,000 followers, you will get more results from the 30,000. Its not about how many followers an influencer has but his topic share of voice/ expertise and the audience
  2. Gender matters.. i am not a sexist but who would promote sanitary pads better: a man who doesnt have to use it? Or a woman who needs it and has it as part of her life monthly… When your campaign deals with a particular gender, your influencers have to align with it… imagine a campaign from always like #ItsAGirlsThing, the girls would drivebit better than we the guys and woukd have it viral in no time. Many brands nowadays consider how many followers or who they know as an influencer personally, rather than considering who would be able to reach their targeted audience
  3. Class!!! Yeah class!! Imagine trying to market a porsche via influencers, not just any influencer would fit in your campaign you know… the classy ones, known to have a taste for good luxury things would fit in perfectly.. i dont expect anyone bringing a porsche campaign to me as an influencer when my main audience is the day to day Nigerian.. the campaign would gather alot of impressions but trust me, there wouldnt be any conversions.
  4. Location, yes of course, i dont expect a brand promoting a product in ibadan to use influencers located in Lagos with little to no knowledge of Ibadan… it would be an epic failure.
  5. Audience’s category: you can judge the majority of the audience of an influencer by the influencer’s posts and how they react to it… you can judge their class, what they can afford, what they like, the communication language they understand, basically whaf appeals to them.. you can easily study this from an influencer’s most engaging posts, measured by likes; retweets; comments;replies;shares… basically their reaction to the content the influencer posts.
  6.  & 7. Interest and lifestyle : select an influencer for your brand if the interests you have profiled for him /her fits into your business and their lifestyle also has a space for your brand… i wouldnt expect a hospital to pick an influencer who loves entertainment and music is his or her lifestyle… the campaign wouldn’t just fit.

Well i hope these 7 points help out your selection of influencers. Drop a comment and i would be glad to respond

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