To own a blog or website is easy… to get traffic to these platforms is where the work is… we would talk about retaining this traffic in another post.. later on 🙂 .. the following ways are sure ways and definitely not going to be cheating search enginge optimization  (white seo tricks).

Here are Ways to Get Traffic On Your Nigerian Blog or Website

  1. Backlinking
  2. Keyword research and density
  3. Social media tagging and hastags
  4. Emails
  5. Incentives
  6. Social media ads
  7. Pay per click ads
  • Backlinking : hmmn Backlinking sounds like a big word but it is really not.. and our focus on backlinking here is for you to create referal links from other blogs or websites to yours. Not just an website or blog, but you have to target blogs or websites that have a high ranking and also have your audience.. imagine having a music website where upcoming artistes can upload their songs and it woukd be promoted for them, commenting on posts from tooxclusive and notjustok or even having featured posts there would attract traffic to your site as they have the audience you are outrightly targeting. Be careful though, so you dont go spamming other people’s blogs ???.
  • Keyword Research and Density: this is another major key * in Dj khaled’s voice* . When you want search engines to work for you, you have to do a research on keywords or keyphrases in your field and location that has not yet been saturated by others in your field and you therefore capitalise on them. When these words or phrases are searched, your website would be ranked higher on the search results when it has a higher density of the word or phrase and backlinkings directing people there for that word or phrase.. you should also try to include it in your site description, site title and meta tag if you are very technical. Free tools like Google Keyword Planner can be used for this research
  • Social media tagging and hashtags: remember we talked about hashtags, well tagging influencers relating to your field and using hashtags would increase your reach and increase the “chances” of people clicking your links since it would be presented to people intrested in such conent when hashtags are used and influencers are involved too.. you could also use trending hashtags with your post and also do a little talking about it on social media and referring people to where they can read more.
  • Emails: yes emails still work… gather a database of emails, starting from your friends and surveys you carry out based on your blog interests… be careful not to spam these your email audience amd always give it a good headline with quality content from your blog topping the contrnt shared in the mail.. i personally love using mailchimp, it’s drag and drop templates make mails have a neat layout. Remember not to give out all the juice in your content in the maild and have links thats point to where the posts are on your blog for read more options.
  • Social media Ads: with emphasis on facebook ads.. instead of you sponsoring a post and getting one time traffic from your facebook page, promote the page and retain the audience forever ( if you engage well).. when you do this, you would have a conversion of 5-10% of these people visit your site daily, if you post daily.. Now imagine 5% of 100,000 facebook fans
  • incentives: gift items once in a while would help increase traffic especially when you creating a campaign around it leading people to your website.. your current engaged traffic would participate and turn in their own friends as extra traffic for you.
  • Pay per click ads: this encompasses google adwords, popup ads,yahoo gemini, Search Engine Marketing ads and all forms of online ads aslong as you the advertiser are paying for every click on it that leads to your blog or website. Personally i wouldnt advise using ppc as sometimes it could be bots viewing them (google confirmed this).. but they also help increase traffic when targeted well.

With all this said.. drawing a campaign action plan would still help optimize all these mediums as much as possible.. so you don’t do all uncordinatedly without direction lol…

Try atleast 3 out of the  7 ways you can get traffic to your Nigerian blog or website and let me know your take on it.

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  1. Victor

    Very correct! Straight to the point. It’s easy to own a web site but getting people to visit is where the hard work is. True talk.


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