Engagement is very key when it comes to social media .. i mean very very key… having 300,000 followers and not being able to engage them is like having 0 followers to be honest.. because  its more like you are talking to your self. I personally have 129,000 followers on twitter and 13000 followers on Instagram and it took me time before i could get to engage my audience …

Sprout defines Engagement as an open line of communication over a period of time with your audience, not just 1 person..

Engagements in social media platforms are measured through analytical tools.. thank God twitter provides its own analytics, facebook, linkedin and google+ provide their analytics for brand pages.

Engagements are different from impressions.. impressions are the number of people that see your posts while engagement deals with those who interract with the post

These interractions can come informs of:









Lets get down to business

Tips tips tips

  1. Study your audience: an audience you dont know, you won’t be able to communicate well with.. you cant have 80% followers that are men and you keep talking to them about makeup lol. You have to know your audience’s interests;location,age range, gender percentage, . It is through this you then tweak your posts to what would fit in with them.
  2. Use Media as Much as Possible: attaching gifs, videos,pictures to your posts give you x2 the engagement you would regularly have on a post and also helps drive more understanding… visuals are very powerful.
  3.  Tell Your Audience to Do Something: lol now i am sounding like mr Koker.. when you ask for your audience’s contribution or challenge them to repost or mention other people, your engagement increases. An example would be a throwback thursday post by cadbury asking if their audience remembers goodygoody and to tag a friend or sibling that liked it… it would be more engaging than other posts talking about products or services.
  4. Profile your audience’s most active time: from my own study of my audience.. i noticed i have the highest engagements from noon,4-8pm, 10-12am, excluding saturday and sunday.. this is because my audience are majorly less busy around these times and flip their social media timelines and blogs during this free time.. if you are a 1post per day person.. it would be better you study the time you get engagement the most.
  5. Use Hashtags and trending hashtags: like i said in the hashtag post, hashtags currate your post with other posts relating to the hashtag and when people search the hashtag, your post would be listed… it presents your content to it’s audience… more likely if you have an hashtag specific to you, it would help the audience see all you have contributed on that hashtag.

There are many more ways to increase engagement but i am sure if you try out these 5, you would have a lot of results .

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