Many people have been asking me this question about hashtags whether it is neccesary or not… here is my verdict… hashtags are very neccessary for the social networks that use them.. e.g twitter, facebook, instagram, google+ …

As keywords and keyphrases are to search engines, hashtags act as a curator for these social networks, increasing the reach of your posts when you use them. So when content for a particular topic’ hashtag you used is searched for, your content is displayed.

Now let’s  look at this scenario, i started a fashion line on instagram and i have good content but want to be discovered by prospective customers outside my circle on social media.. using hashtags like #fashion #fashionformen #instafashion #nigerianfashion #bellanaija would help my content be listed when anyone searches for these hashtags … presenting my content to the world that is in need of it…

If you havent been using hashtags, i suggest you start using them today.

Advantages of Using Hashtagswhen you use hashtags amd your content/brand gets discovered as mentioned above …the following advantages come with

  1.   Your brand gets free Promotion
  2. You appear on Search results in social media platforms
  3. It helps you gain followers that like the content discovered on the hashtag
  4. It increases your Engagement
  5. It increases your exposure and interraction

How To Write Hashtags

Writing hashtags are very easy if you follow these rules

  1. Start with the # sign
  2. Do not space your text after the # sign
  3. The only symbol allowed with text is _ aka underscore
  4. It is not case sensitive but make it moderate and readable

Examples of Good Hashtags

  1. #GoodHashtag
  2. #goodhashtag
  3. #good_hashtag

Bad Hashtags

  1. # Good Hashtag
  2. #Good hashtag
  3. #Good-Hashtag
  4. #Good’hashtag

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