Who is an influencer

A social media influencer is one whose social media account has a lot of impact, either due to a high number of followers or a vast knowledge in a particular field, dispersing views. Influencers have 3 Rs that govern why they have the title “Social Media Influencer”

  1. Reach
  2. Relevance
  3. Resonance

Reach: is the influencer being able reach a large number of people that can relate to the influencer’s views

Relevance: is how relevant the influencer’s content is to the the influencer’s audience and brands he or she represents

Resonance: its just a big word for how engaging the influencer can be with the influencer’s audience.

The role of an influencer in a marketing campaign

An influencer’s role in a marketing campaign is very key.. as they relate directly with the audience and are ready to explain the brand or marketing campaign way beyond what an ad can do. Studies have shown brands and their ads are being trusted less day by day and the way forward now would be having people their audience can relate with disperse their marketing campaign. If you ask me, using an influencer to market a brand is cheaper and more effective than ads in the audience’s faces.

Ps- trend setters,high followership,or social media posters are not necessarily influencers, you can have all this and not be engaging.. the engagement is a key aspect of being an influencer

Identifying Social Media Influencers

It is quite easy to identify social media followers in Nigeria as long as you follow  the 3 Rs when picking them for a campaign




Here the relevance would also factor how relevant the influencer’s content is to your brand and if the influencer has your audience..

I don’t expect a Nigerian brand using a British comedian with high influence on social media for her Nigerian brand… it would be a pure waste of money..

Who Needs a Social Media Influencer

every brand and even individual need influencers to increase their reach, especially when these people have the audience they target. In Nigeria at present, big brands have identified influencers as part of their marketing scheme, and even reputation management scheme as influencers help defend brands when it is needed. Small and Medium scale enterprises are yet to tap into influencer marketing when they should be using them 3 times more than the Big brands.

Every brand should identify influencers that align with her purpose and have  them across all social media platforms that the brand’s audience are on ( i listed the social media platforms every Nigerian brand should be on)

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  1. LadiSpeaks

    Many brands are beginning to catch the frenzy of using influencers to promote their services and goods in Nigeria.

    Can I have your email address? I also have my sphere of influence in the social media and would like to work with you if need be.

    I’m @LadiSpeaks on Twitter

  2. Samuel Cochron

    For the visionary marketer, the rise of t b he social media influencer creates a world of possibilities. It opens up a new channel for brands to connect with consumers more directly, more organically, and at scale. By creating branded content with social media influencers, brands can amplify their message while seducing their target audience.


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