Hi guys, recently, snapchat , our 10 seconds private video and picture posting social network launched a new feature  which allows snapchatters post stories from their camera roll … unlike before where 3rd party apps where used for that.. Awesome right?? Lets not jump unto conclusions yet (leave the jumping for me ??)

The truth about this feature is, snapchat is planning on becoming a public company and would need a lot of investors and would be running ads soon.. so they need more than the usual statistics to pitch to prospective clients. First of all would be the number of snaps/stories sent daily.. the memory feature would help double the stats from 8 billion stories per day to an average of 16 billion stories per day and make snapchat more addictive for snapchatters or snapsters lol.


Now here is the twist.. this new feature allows we the users to post from pur camera roll… sad thing is many people have began to abuse this feature by posting tons of photos from their camera roll all at once that their followers just have to be skipping major parts of the stories they post to see how their drama ends…

On snapchat, you start loosing engagement when people start skipping your stories as the message your are trying to pass in visuals are overlooked.

Advise from Femi to snapchatters or snapster or snappers lol

Be minimal on the new feature, don’t help snapchat double their figures and lose your own engagement… the pics you are posting too many at once wont run away… you can still use your snapchat the way you started off and chip in this new feature once in a while.

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  1. Zachariah Dichiaro

    Fleeting content and messages will continue to be the default setting , but Snapchat users will soon be able to store and archive their snaps within the app for future viewing and sharing. The new Snapchat Memories is an evolutionary change for a service that has always focused on living in the moment. Snapchat has transitioned from a one-to-one messaging platform to a one-to-many visual communication service that empowers people to control their online personas and manage more curated personal brands, according to Kleinberg. “You see a lot of influencers who used to manage their personal brands on Twitter now using Snapchat to do that.”


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