Hmmn this is a big question every digital marketer should start asking themselves.. are online ads fading away?

The answer is no… but they are getting blocked, trust me thats scarier than it actually fading away. As technology is advancing and online ads getting more annoying, the audience have evolved to paying for adblockers. Meaning they have apps now that prevent your ads from being visible to them.

Facts about adblocking would keep digital marketers on their toes.

  • Ad blocking estimated to cost publishers nearly $22 billion during 2015. 
  • There are now 198 million active adblock users around the world. 
  • Ad blocking grew by 41% globally in the last 12 months.
  • US ad blocking grew by 48% to reach 45 million active users in 12 months up to June 2015.
  • UK ad blocking grew by 82% to reach 12 million active users in 12 months up to June 2015.

Since our last report, the existential threat of ad blocking has become a pressing issue in the boardrooms of publishers across the world. A concerted response is required, founded upon a renewed focus on user experience, and enabled by secure ad serving technology like PageFair’s. We hope this report will continue to help publishers, advertisers, consumer groups and technology vendors come together to define principles that support a sustainably free and open Web.

The Future Way Forward

With this trend…content would be the new king of marketing and digital marketers and strategists would have to be very careful and find ways to integrate their content to the blogs, influencers and platforms they want to use, so it doesnt come accross as just an ad, but its message and engagement be fully optimized.

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