There is always this argument of how many social media platforms a brand should be on.. the truth is, you can be on as many platforms as possible, as long as you update all and they are all in sync with each other and your communication strategy.

Well the truth is as a Nigerian brand, you would like to focus your social media communications where your Nigerian audience are active… a Nigerian brand using myspace,hi5,vk, or  baidu isnt ready to communicate with her audience… Nigerians aint active on those platforms.

I am sure your next question is: what social media platforms are Nigerians active on?  well they are as follows:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Youtube
  5. Google+
  6. Linkedin
  7. Snapchat

These 7 social media platforms are where every brand targeting the Nigerian audience should be.

By now, some people would be wondering why BBM, Whatsapp and 2go arent on this list,  well, these applications are messaging applications like the yahoo messengers many of us used back then and they can not be classified as social media platforms.. The funny twist about this is, most of these 7 social platforms mentioned have their own inbuilt messaging features to increase interaction.

If you arent on these platforms yet, endeavor to be on atleast 5 of them and plan to be on the 7 in the long run. Each of these platforms have their unique features that I would talk about in subsequent posts.


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  1. Jorge

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  2. Isiah Veriato

    thanks jacmie,i think you have provide the best information about the social media platforms,i knew about some of them but some are still new to me,thanks for sharing Just a heads-up, you can also use Facebook and Twitter to promote your businesses. I use both to promote mine. рџ™‚


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