You might just be needing this post and be doing many things wrong which you dont even know is wrong…

1. Dont Post Inappropriate photos/posts/tweets: your social media says alot about who you are and you would be shocked how many people have lost jobs,relationships,clients and even their reputation because of an inappropriate post or tweet.. You shouldnt post or be found commenting on unclad pics and even be vulgar

2. Dont Advertise Your Services Right Away: your first welcoming note cant be asking people to buy something, it is better for you to send a welcome note and highest add a link to your website.

3. Dont Go Posting Only About You: when you post only about you and your services, trust me you will quickly get labelled as a drama king or queen, too much information lord and boring posts person. People will quickly skip your posts and tweets as they have zero to little engagement with you and find all your posts as none of their business.

4. Useless Tags: Facebook users bewarned, twitter and instagram users too be warned. Dont go all tagging spree mentioning, copying and tagging people in posts and pics that is irrelevant to them, who does that ? How will you  feel if i tag you in things that have nothing to do with you and other people are commenting and retweeting and clogging up your mentions and notifications. You can get yourself muted or blocked with this.

5. Dont make your message complex

You dont have to use terminologies all through just to show your audience you are knowledgeable, you wont communicate with them that way as it would be very difficult for them to understand. Be as clear as possible, you can add terminologies but make sure you also explain them if your audience are people that wouldnt understand such terminologies

*In a Pastor’s voice* if you are guilty of any these crimes, please repent asap!!!!!!!!!!!

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